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About your account

  1. Who can register?
  2. Anyone who is above 19 years old. For payment setting, please contact our account managers
    For registration, please fill in publisher's side registration form here.
  3. How much does it cost to get registered?
  4. You can get registered free of charge as a publisher.
  5. What is the login URL for the dashboard for publishers?
  6. There are two dashboard 'Desktop/Mobile phone' or 'Featured Phone'

    Dashboard login information is below.
    ■Login information■
        ・Dashboard for Desktop/Mobile phone is here.
        ・For Feature phone is here.
    [ Email Address ]Registered Email address
    [ Password ]Registered Email Address
        * Please use password for password reminder.
  7. I forgot my email address.
  8. Please send us the email from the 'inquiry' noting you have forgotten your email address.
  9. I forgot my password.
  10. Please use the password reminder below.
  11. I want to change my email address.
  12. From our inquiry form, please note 'email address change' and
    currently registered email address' and 'new email address'
  13. I want to change registered information.
  14. From account tab, you can amend each criteria.
    For payment for foreign clients (except the clients who hold Japanese bank account) separate procedure is applied. Please contact

  15. Please tell us about privacy policy.
  16. Please check privacy policy
  17. I would like to leave the partnership.
  18. From inquiry, please note 'Partnership Withdrawal' and send it to

    Please note that if the invoicing is not done before the withdrawal, the payment cannot be done.
    Process the payment setting before contacting us with withdrawal.
    Please note that if the revenue is below $100, invoicing does not take place.


About your revenue

  1. When is the revenue paid?
  2. The revenue takes 45 days cycle, and paid on every 16th of the following month
    (If the financial institution in Japan is closed for holiday the sales day before the closing date)

    e.g. Up to January revenue total is more than $100 and the invoicing procedure is correctly taken.
    [ Ad displaying month ] February
    [ Billing month ]March
    [ Pay-in date ]16th March

    For foreign partners, you cannot register the payment on our dashboard directly.
    If you would like to get payment set up as our partner, please fill in the details below.
    Our accountant will set up the payment procedure on your behalf.
  3. When could the revenue be billed?
  4. The billing system has manual and automatic system, please check on the dashboard.
    We calculate the revenue total at the end of every month.

    For Manual billing
    Every 3rd of the month onwards, you could manually set the invoicing.
    When the billing amount comes up to 3,001yen the invoice shows that the billing is made possible.

    e.g. [ Important ] billing for the revenue is possible now (¥****)
    Click on 'revenue billing' and request for the payment.
    In manual billing, if you do not take invoicing procedure, it will be carried over to the next month.

    For Automatic billing
    When revenue hit 3,000yen the billing takes place automatically.

  5. what's the admin fee for the transaction?
  6. For International bank transfer, 2000yen will be charged.

    Please note that if the bank details you have provided contains error, the separate fee will be charged.
  7. What if the bank tranfer is failed because of the errors on bank account info?
  8. We will contact to the register e-mail and re-remit the revenue after the bank info is corrected. Please double check the bank detail you have provided, otherwise the admin fee will be charged again.

    * Please be noted that the bank detail and account name is not shared between your PC/SP account and Featured Phone account, meaning any changes need to apply to the both.
  9. What is the reason for 1-2 yen difference between the shown amount on the dashboard and the actual amount paid?
  10. 1-2yen difference occur due to the amount for after decimal point
    ≪When there is 1yen more≫
    Reporting→Paid amount
    January 10.3yen →10yen
    February 10.4yen →10yen
    March 10.4yen →10yen
    Total 31.1yen →31yen
    ≪There is 1 yen less≫
    Reporting→Paid amount
    January 10.6 yen →11yen
    February 10.6yen →11yen
    March 10.6yen →11yen
    Total 31.8yen →32yen
  11. Is it possible to combine featured phone revenue with desktop and mobile phone revenue?
  12. We're afraid that is not possible as the dashboard is separate.
    Each revenue will be paid to each dashboard.

    * Please be noted that the bank detail is not shared between your PC/SP account and Featured Phone account,
    meaning any changes need to apply to the both.
  13. How long could the revenue be carried over for?
  14. 2 years.
    The revenue can be transferred to you when the ammount is more than 3,000 yen within 2 years after the registration.
    Please note that after 2 years your revenue will be no longer available.

How to submit the ads.

  1. Is it possible to set i-mobile tag with other network's tag?
  2. No problem. Please paste the tag where the content page is located.
  3. Is it possible to modify the advertising tag?
  4. Tag modification is not permitted at all.
    When tag modification is done we might suspend your account, so please be cautioned.
  5. Is it possible to use one tag for multiple sites?
  6. It is only possible if the domain is the same as the registered one on the dashboard.
    If the domain names are different, please use each sites'.
    If you register 「 http://example.com 」,
    the site could use the same tag for 「 http://example.com/test 」 and separate site registration is not required
    if the part=「 example.com/ 」is different, the additional site registration is needed.
  7. I would like to change the site URL that is already registered.
  8. If domain or URL is registered wrongly, please edit from 'site or app management'
  9. How do I paste the ads?
  10. ■For desktop or mobile phone■

    ・Desktop/mobile phone login to the dashboard
    ・Double click on 'site or app management'
    ・'New desktop site' or 'New mobile phone site'
          (If it's already registered on the site, please follow the below procedure)
    ・Click on 「 category 」* Set only for desktop site
            *Choose registered site category
             click on 'save changes'
    ・click on 'ad spot'
         click on 'new ad spot 'on top right
            *Fill in required field and click on 'new registration'
         ・Ad spot is the fixing of ad size0.
         You could choose multiple sizes.
        ・Please set a name that is useful for the ad spot
    ・click on 'tag ' and copy ad tag
    ・set on the site
    When site inspection is done the ad will be displayed between a few mins to a few days.
      * Ads cannot be displayed without category and ad spots setting(* only desktop site)
      * Please inquire us about app SDK 3-5
  11. Could you register any site?
  12. Basically it could be used in any sites.
    However, the sites below could not be registered.
    ・Sites that rejects ads from outside.
    ・Point sites
    ・Specific adult sites
    ・Down support site
    ・Particular site
    ・The sites that could be judged as unstable.
  13. What is the category?
  14. category the registered site belong to. (only desktop site setting required)
    category and ad spots both setting is required.

If your ads do not get displayed

  1. When does inspection end?
  2. It takes 2-4 working days (* Please note that the inspection takes place JST 9:30-18:00 excusing Saturday/Sunday/Holiday)
    Inspection is done for every site and depends on the devices, the timing of the inspection varies between different sites. 4-1
  3. The ads that were displayed stopped showing.
  4. There is a possibility that the ad delivery is stopped. Please check the dashboard.
    ・Impeachment of the regulation
    ・Script modification (tag modification)
  5. The ads do not get displayed after pasting the ad tag.
  6. First, please wait a few hours-days. It takes time for the ads to be displayed after pasting the tag.
    If after waiting a while ads do not get displayed, please check below;
    ・The ad tag is placed other than the registered site
    ・Script modification (tag modification)
    ・Category is not registered(* Only desktop sites could be set)
    ・site inspection is not completed.
    ・setting the tag for the wrong device.
    (e.g.: Does desktop site has featured phone site tag?
    Please logon to the different dashboard for different devices to get appropriate tag for the device)
  7. Only the same ads are displayed.
  8. Excessive filtering by partners or advertiser's filtering, ads that could be displayed might be limited.
    Please have little filtering as possible.


  1. What is the CPC
  2. CPC is not disclosed.
    Please check your daily revenue on your dashboard. 5-1
  3. It is not reflected on the click number though I have actually tried clicking.
  4. Please refrain from clicking your ad you have pasted on your site even if it's for testing.
    If you find any bug or error, please contact us with the details of the bug or error from our inquiry form.
    In order to avoid unnecessary charge for the clients, fraud clicks, trial clicks, or behaviour such alike, will be detected by our unique fraud clicks searching algorithm and it will not be counted.
    Also, the dashboard is updated every few hours, so the click numbers and impression numbers do not get displayed immediately.
  5. Reporting is not updated at night (JST)
  6. Reporting do not get updated JST late night to dawn. 5-3
  7. Do you have dashboard fit for featured phone, mobile phone, tablet?
  8. No, we currently only have dashboard for desktop.
    We do not have separate site for featured phone, mobile phone, tablets,
    so if you would like to issue conversion tag please do so with desktop.
    However, revenue and reporting could be viewed with smart phone and tablets.
    Please login from desktop/mobile phone site from here

About Apps

  1. Where could SDK be downloaded?
  2. Login to desktop/Mobile phone publisher's dashboard and click on 'SDK Download' tab.
    Please choose the suitable SDK and integrate it.

    ■Login info■
        ・Desktop and mobile phone dashboard for publishers is here
    [ Email Address ]Registered email address
    [ Password ]Registered password
            * If you have forgotten the password, please use password reminder.

  3. I would like to place add for WebView app.
  4. Please inquire us about WebView app ad placement method.
  5. I would like to place ads for the ad for unique developing programme.
  6. Please inquire us about the app developed with unique programme.
  7. Other inquiries about apps.
  8. If you have a manager for you, please contact her/him.

    If you don’t have i-mobile consultant, please inquire us
    For new partner registration, please register from the form for developers and publisher page.

Frequantly Asked Questions by the Foreign Companies

  1. Which pricing model do you work at?
  2. CPC/CPCV/CPI (promotion only, excluding networks) 7-1
  3. Why is CPC the main pricing model in Japan?
  4. In Japan, there are numerous partners who are powerful. It is to return as much revenue for the publishers and run effective campaign for the advertisers. 7-2
  5. Do you have transparent dashboard?
  6. We have all delivered ads/publishers open and accessible to clients/publishers. 7-3
  7. Do you have impressions or ads from countries other than Japan?
  8. Dominant coverage over Japan is our strength but please consult us from here. 7-4